Soya and www2007

06 December 2006

I'm currently working on a thesis as part of my MSc by research degree at UNSW. The goal of my work is to determine whether the message-centric approach taken by the SOAP Service Description Language (SSDL) has significant benefits for describing Web Services compared to the incumbent approaches (e.g. WSDL).

To that end I'm developing Soya, which is an open-source programming model and runtime environment for creating and enacting SSDL contracts. I will employ Soya in a number of case studies to collect empirical data that will serve as the basis for the comparisons.

Soya is built on top of the Windows Communictaion Foundation (WCF) (formerly code-named Indigo) and I've to admit that, even coming from Java-land, I'm having lots of fun with WCF and think it's a great platform for building Web Services.

Apart from the source-code, not much information about Soya has been published yet. About two weeks ago, however, Jim and I submitted a paper to the www2007 conference in which we presented our ideas revolving around Soya.

The notification date whether the paper got accepted is at the end of January 07. Fingers x-ed that it will get through...